Zhenjiang Glory Heavy machinery co., ltd was established by experienced marine engineers and projecting team in year 2001, invested by Hong Kong Glory Investment Limited. 

The companies are authorized by government for manufacturing all types of dredgers ,barges, exporting vessels and even involving in a lot of dredging projects in China with own dredgers &barges fleet and experienced crew.

Since the beginning, the company have built up business relationships with hundreds of ship-owners all around the world and in local China , supplying used & new vessels in dredging filed and training, dispatching crew overseas to the projects located at Russia, West Africa , India , Brazil , and Middle East. 

Beside vessels, we supply spare parts to the clients, 24x7 after sales service with fast spares delivery and repairing work as per client’s requirements.

Main Dimension  

The length of dock and shore is 350m. The depth underwater of dock is 4~6m. Can moor five barges that size is 2000t~8000t. There is a pontoon use as fitting dock. Its length is 55m and equipment a 10t crane. The main dimension of Slipway: 120m×40m Equip 40t Door; 100m×30m Equip 20t Door Type Crane; 120m×60m Equip Two Car Type Cranes. One hull workshop equipment 5t travelling crane. 

Capacity of launch: Max weight of ship is 2500t. Shipyard equips eighty ballonets, one 10t winch and one 15t winch. The size of ballonets is 10m×1.5m,10m×1.2m,8m×0.8m.