6000cum/h Cutter Suction Dredger

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Glory Heavy Machinery is one of the leading 6000cum/h cutter suction dredger manufacturers and suppliers China, if you are looking for 6000cum/h cutter suction dredger shipyard, yard, and new building made in China, or 6000cum/h cutter suction dredger broker, maker, or immediately delivery, please feel free to contact us.


Loa: 102.3m 

Breadth mld: 20.4m 

Depth mld: 5.2m 

Draft : 3.8m 

Max. Dredging depth: 28m 


Cutter :

Cutter power:2500KW 

Dia of cutter :2800mm -- 

Cabin pump:

Clear water flow:23000m3/h 


Shaft power:6107kw 

Diameter of suction pipe:1200 mm 

Diameter of discharge pipe :1000 mm 

Under water pump :

Flow water pump capacity:23000m3/h 


Speed :230r/min 

Shaft power:3523kw 

Inner Diameter of suction pipe :1200mm 

Inner Diameter of discharge pipe :1000mm 

Engine of cabin pump :

Model :MAN(year 1990s) 

Power :8470KW 

Speed :600r/min 

Engine of high-generator and hydraulic system:


Speed :1000r/min -- 


Power400KW( 3 sets), 160KW (1 set) 

Quantity 4 sets 3set 

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