he impeller

4.Impeller made of special material, a hollow cylinder, mounted at the upper end of the spindle Assembly shaft head, conical sleeve and pass button from the key connection, high-speed rotating impeller HX is the key element for vertical impact crusher. Material from the center of the impeller parts feeder feeding tube into the center of the impeller. Cloth cone by the impeller Center items evenly distributed to all launches of impeller flow channel, launches streaming outlet installation with special wear-resistant material made of blocks can be replaced. Impeller speed 60-75m/s speed throwing out items, hit Eddy crushing cavity materials lining, strong pieces, conical hats and wear on the block between, dirty plate, protecting the impeller wear.

5. spindle Assembly

Spindle Assembly is installed in the chassis, to transfer the power from the electric motors via v-belt pulley and supported rotational movement of the impeller. Spindle Assembly consists of bearings, spindle, bearings and other components.