Structure and composition of sand making machine

Sand making machine consists of Hopper, feeder, Eddy crushing Chamber, impeller and spindle Assembly, base consists of seven parts, gear and motor.

Artificial sand production line

1. feed hopper

Structure of the feed hopper is an inverted bevel (or cylinder), wear-resisting ring inlet, from the incoming feeding equipment through the hopper into the Crusher.

2. Distributor

Points feeder installation in Vortex moving broken cavity of upper, points feeder of role is will from to hopper incoming for shunt, makes part material through Center into material tube directly into impeller was gradually accelerated to high speed ejection out, makes another part material from center into material tube of outside side, bypass into Vortex moving broken cavity within impeller of outside side, was from Ye Lunpao shot out of high speed material impact broken, not increased power consumption, increases production capacity, improve broken efficiency.

3. Eddy crushing Chamber

Vortex moving broken cavity of structure shape for Shang, and Xia two paragraph cylindrical body composition of ring space, impeller in Vortex moving broken cavity within high-speed rotating, Vortex moving broken cavity within also can resides material, formed material lining layer, material of broken process occurred in Vortex moving broken cavity within, by material lining layer will broken role Vortex moving broken cavity wall separated, makes broken role only limited to material Zhijian, up to wear since lining of role. Launch observation hole is to observe the impeller outlet wear wear and Eddy top liner wear of the crushing Chamber, Crusher hole must be sealed closed tightly. Splitting fixed in the whirl of crushing Chamber upper cylindrical section. Impeller rotating air, whirl broken cavity through the Distributor, impeller formed within the circulatory system.