"China's Shipbuilding Industry Climate Index" & "China Newbuilding Price Index"

Source:ChinaShipbuilding Economy and Market  Research Center

China's shipbuilding industry index series, including "The new shipbuilding price index ofChina" and "China's shipbuilding industry climate index." By an industry research authority - China Shipbuilding Economy Research Center of Market and, based on decades of accumulated data, through advanced algorithms and proposed model.

Among them, the "China newbuilding price index" compiled mature theory of index-based, fully consider the "China factor" in domestic shipyards received new ship price as a benchmark, covering bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers and liquefied gas carriers four categories ship. Compared with the British klaxon new ship price index, which has a significant volatility, greater sensitivity characteristics, to better reflect the actual price of Chinese shipyard orders.

"China's shipbuilding industry climate index" In economic boom based on the theory analysis, combined with the characteristics of the shipbuilding industry, choice reflects the market environment facing the industry, focusing on indicators of operating conditions of production and economic aspects, and to build the leading index and the coincident index system, China's shipbuilding industry climate index and the formation of early warning indicators on this basis, can be more comprehensive monitoring and reflection of China's shipbuilding industry overall economic situation, and the potential risks facing the industry early warning.

"Newbuilding price index of China" and "China's shipbuilding industry climate index" for the state administration shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding industry enterprises and financial institutions, and other intermediary organizations to accurately grasp the shipbuilding market and industry running, and thus more scientifically formulate policies and strategies provide a useful reference, attention at home and abroad will become an important indicator of China's shipbuilding industry and barometer, will further highlight the international influence of China's shipbuilding industry.