Cutter Suction Dredger Spud

Practice for hydraulic positioning:

1) when used to carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems to ensure no leakage or non-loose before using.

2) check the reverse mechanism, ensuring that orientation well before the lifting operation.

3) when not in use for a long time, and should be used 1-3 air line before they can load job.

4) contained a negative focus should be behind a bench in the center position.

5) in the process of reproduction, hose side of all personnel is strictly prohibited.

6) hydraulic oil should be kept clean and shall not be mixed with other impurities.

7) when there is a failure when it fails to work properly, it should promptly cut off the power source for the maintenance, equipment personnel is strictly prohibited in spite of jobs: do not remove the hydraulic and electrical parts for non-professionals.

8) during operation if the lift is inconsistent, no-load running times to eliminate cumulative errors after the operation.

9) equipment when not in use to dust cover.