Dredger Market Still "dig Digging Gold Silver"

Source:ChinaShip News

 According to Clarkson ResearchUKstatistics, as of the end of February 2016, the world's dredger fleet ownership of 1978, 4.465 million gross tons, the average age was 29.7 years.

Judging from the ship composed, at present, the global fleet of dredgers, the cutter suction dredger and the number of trailing suction hopper dredger were 391 and 584, respectively, accounting for 19.8% and 29.5% , together accounting for nearly 50%.

Visible, cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredger dredger fleet of existing mainstream ship, not only the number of the majority in the dredging capacity is more dominant.

Also known dredger dredging ship, mainly for all kinds of dredging, mining and underwater sand deposits, services in marine engineering, which are of great significance for port construction and dredging and the construction of the coastal waterway development project. And similar developments in the global shipping market in recent years, the global dredging market downturn. However, the dredger market has its own characteristics, whether from domestic dredging market or from the future development of the international dredging market, the dredger market is still faced with many opportunities. During the "Thirteen Five", the global dredging market will steadily warmer, the annual turnover of around 20. In view of this, the construction of the dredger ship enterprises to actively take the initiative to ensure the quality of construction, based on vigorously carry out technological innovation and supporting research and development activities, and strive to occupy a place in the dredger market competition.

Dredging fleet "grow"

Judging from the age of the ship, dredger generally higher age of the ship, in which more than 20 years of age of the ship dredger high of 1362, accounting for 68.9% of total fleet capacity dredger ship numbers.

Global dredger fleet presents several notable features

In recent years, the world's dredger fleet was widespread trend of large vessels. As of February 2016, the existing fleet average single dredger ship tonnage 2270.2 gross tons, compared with 2005, the average tonnage of 1768.2 tons gross increase of 28.4%.

Dredger fleet concentration is not high, the distribution is very fragmented, and more shipowners for port dredging and local contractors.

Dredger potential replacement demand is relatively large. In general, the dismantling dredger generally around age 35 years. The current global fleet dredger vessel, the age older ships more than 35 years to reach 766, there is a big update requirements.

Currently, the world's most famous four European dredging contractor Van Oord of the Netherlands and Royal Boakalis Westminster nv and Belgian Jan De Nul and DEME. Wherein, Van Oord has a total of 67 various types of dredgers, Boakalis dredger fleet reached 64, Jan De Nul and DEME respectively have 50 dredgers.

At present,Chinahas a total of shipowners dredger 289. In comparison,China's domestic dredging market structure is special, mainly regional Waterway Bureau of the region's ports and waterways provide dredging services less competitive with each other. Although in recent years in all regions Waterway Bureau has changed from the Ministry of Transport and institutions of state-owned enterprises, the Port Authority also after separating into Port Authority and port operating companies, but the domestic dredging market structure has not happened too big change. Among them, three wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. is the largest of three dredging companies, namely the CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Dredging Co. to pay and the CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. In recent years, these companies have professional dredging contractors toward the direction of development, dredger fleet expanded rapidly and began to contract dredging operations in the world. As of February 2016, CCCC's dredger fleet reached 127.

Built rise "China Power"

All along, the global market is dominated Europe dredger construction shipyards. Dredger ship large European enterprises and supporting the design strength, flexible and diversified operations - either to undertake the entire ship construction orders by the companies in their own shipyard, the dredger can also be provided to other contractors or shipyard individual components or kits, and other shipyards to design and manage the construction process dredger dredger.

However, in recent years the global dredging market there are a few trends worth noting:

Number 1 in Europe shipyard built dredger plummeted, currently only a few European shipyards building large trailing suction, cutter suction dredger.

2 dredger entire ship built more and more to developing countries, the European shipyards only design and key equipment.

The rapid rise of 3 Chinese shipyards, has built a significant market share in the share dredger.

IHC Holland is the world's largest dredger dredgers and equipment design, builders. According to Clarkson, Inc., as of now, the shipyard completed and delivered a total of 246 dredger, dredger is the world's largest delivery companies. IHC provides standard Beaver (Beaver) Series dredger, its subsidiaries IHC Holland Beaver Dredgers BV construction; IHC, another subsidiary of IHC Engineering & Renovation BV, including the main provider of individual components, systems and kits, including equipment. Damen Shipyards of theNetherlandsis the world's leading dredger construction company, founded in 1927, mainly produces standard trailing suction, cutter suction dredger and suction Yang. 

So far, Chinese shipyards completed and delivered a total of 235 dredger. At present, there are plant construction dredger Huangpu Shipbuilding ship Wen Chong Co., Ltd. Tianjin Xinhe Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Nantong Gangzha Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the three companies worldwide are also major dredging ship construction enterprises. Among them, Wen Chong Huangpu Shipbuilding Industry and New River are completed dredger 39, isChina's largest shipbuilding construction dredger delivery business.

Trapped crisis "volume and price down."

Owner dredger international market mainly Dutch, Belgian dredging contractors and four scattered around the world dredging contractor or local port, river operators. From 2001 to 2003, the international dredging market downturn, a lot of idle dredger dredging contractors. During this period, four new ship construction dredging contractor focused on a small number of large cutter suction dredger, at the same time due to factors such as interruptsSingaporereclamation influence, trailing suction hopper dredger almost no new orders. From 2004 to 2005, the international dredging market gradually out of the doldrums. The growing use of global fleet of dredgers, dredging companies to undertake a large number of major projects, in particular, many of the huge amount of dredging reclamation. From 2006 to 2007, the climax of dredging market led to a substantial increase in orders from the dredger dredging contractors.

After the international financial crisis in 2008, the global dredging market new ship turnover dropped, but remained at a more substantial level. Thereafter, in the Chinese dredging market driven by strong demand, market dredger significant recovery. In 2010, the global total turnover dredger 66, a record high turnover of the ship. After 2011, with the completion of large quantities of dredging projects and focus on custom-made in previous years, the dredger market demand fell sharply, the annual volume of new ship remained at 20, in 2015 the volume of new vessels dredger only 14, has become in recent years a new dredger ship lowest turnover year. Since the beginning of 2016, the global turnover of only four dredgers.

It is noteworthy that the current dredger market downturn has also led to the ship new ship prices have decreased significantly. In recent years, turnover from the point of view the case, in November 2013, Boskalis Westminster in IHC built a ten thousand tons cutter suction dredger, the price of 170 million euros.

From the aspect of orders on hand, as of the end of February 2016, the global total of 36 orders dredger 22.6 million GT, including 22 trailing suction hopper dredger, eight cutter suction dredger, two arrested dredger bucket dredger and other types of four.

In the prior dredger orders on hand, there are four major orders from abroad Dredging contractors 14; orders from CCCC shares of two companies, orders were from Waterway Bureau of Guangzhou and Tianjin Waterway Bureau; from Russia Owner Rosmorport Order 5; orders from India Adani Group the owner of two and so on.

Steadily warmer outlook

At present, despite the global dredging market downturn, but whether it is dredged from the domestic market or from the future development of the international dredging market, the market is still full of dredgers some opportunities.

Inland waterway dredging

The next few years,China's inland waterway dredging will usher in major development, investment will be high. Currently, inland water transport development has risen to national strategy, "the State Council on Accelerating the inland water transport development in the Yangtze and other comments" made it clear to the use of 10 years or so, built smooth, efficient, safe, green, modern inland water transport system, 2020 China to build 19,000 km high-grade channel, Yangtze and other major river port and an important port built in parts of large-scale, professional, modern port area, the Yangtze River and other major waterways rating to a general increase, which will give businesses and dredging dredging ship construction companies bring a lot of development opportunities.

CONSERVANCY dredging market

On the other hand, water conservancy dredging market is also cause for concern. At present,Chinais facing numerous lakes are polluted, reservoir sedimentation, flood control facilities behind other issues must be resolved. Central document pointed out that China should strive by five to ten years to reverse the situation of water conservancy construction has lagged far behind fundamentally, 2020 basically completed flood control and drought mitigation system. Therefore, as a water conservancy construction dredging rivers lakes, Number Reservoir dredging project will be an important part of a substantial increase of investment in water conservancy dredging will be high. At present, the general age of the ship dredger our water system is too large, the performance lag, difficult to meet the needs of water conservancy construction. Also, because of the increasingly serious water pollution, dredging and environmental protection dredging market demand and Water is also closely related to growing the next few years, China's environmental protection dredging will usher in better opportunities for development.

In addition, the concern is that with the steady progress in the strategic South China Sea, South China Sea islands and reefs related construction is imperative, and our main dredging company's existing dredging equipment can not meet the future needs of the South China Sea dredging demands the large cutter suction dredger added.

International dredging market, the current large-scale projects on the international market remains high, such as in recent years with large container ships continue to serve the international shipping market, many European and American ports are speeding up the pace of transformation and expansion to meet future development needs; Africa's leading energy exporter States are also major port construction project being planned; Singapore, Malaysia and other countries continue to carry out large-scale dredging, dredging the total amount of the rise.

At present, China's enterprises in the international dredging market share of more limited, but compared with the world's major dredging giants, China's major large-scale enterprises advanced dredging equipment is obviously insufficient, the need to speed up the complement of high-capacity dredger. Thus, various factors, from the future to see demand forecast, is expected to "Thirteen Five" period, the global dredging market will pick up steadily, with an annual turnover of about 20, especially for large cutter suction dredger turnover will obviously increase.