Introduction To Pumping Sand Classification And Working Principle

Sand pumping sand, also known as, refers to the use of water by pumping sand pump suction extraction of River (reservoir) of sand in equipment. Sand pumping is used primarily by the hull, taking gravel bridle, extraction pipes, sand pumps, pumping sediment sand pump drive system, pipe, water injection, water injection pump, injection pump drive system components.

According to extraction industries used by the situation, pumping sand can be divided into the following categories: 

(A) beach sand pumping Ashore sand pumping, commonly known as cutting edge boats, that is, near the Bank of the small sand pumping equipment, such equipment generally is characterized by small size, suction lift shallow, short head, equipped with a 4-8-inch high-speed Extraction pump, manual extraction arm drawing the shallow gravel and transported to shore, Sha boom, power steering pump can also be equipped with electric winch. While pumping sand and dump the class type work pumping sand, docked on the shore or dock designed for sand extraction on the barges unloaded into the water.