Stone Washing Machine Main Features

1 overall: apart from the finished material stacking conveyor, and all systems are integrated in an overall framework, ensures the integrity of the device and has a moderate amount of maintenance and patrol space. Height overall ease of construction site storage or transit transportation, convenient and safe. 2, reliability: the core of stone washing system uses the mixer's mixing principle, material mixing by continuous screw blade rolling and pushing and friction between materials, strong nature and high reliability. 3, economy of use: ① storage hopper capacity of 8M3, loader arrange master device (mixing plant) and stone washing machine loading time, avoid loader in different loading points and frequent transposition of raw materials, storage hopper width greater than 3 m, also makes it easy for loader feeding, reduce labor intensity. ② automatic compensation and finished material from the machine with water and then leaching, and sludge disposal function of the sink.